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All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested for FeLV & FIV and flea & worm treated. Our cat adoption fee is £60 per cat or £110 for a pair.

If you would like to adopt a cat from us please read the relevant guide below before contacting us.

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Adopting a cat guide

Please note: We occasionally have house cats, when we do they are marked 'HOUSE CAT'



Location: foster home

Kendra is a delightful tabby lady, approximately 1 year old. She came into our after being found by a member of the public limping. Upon further investigation she was found to have a deep penetrating would exposing the tendons and was so severe there was no choice but to remove her leg to save her.

Kendra is yet to really notice her missing limp. She has seemingly adapted effortlessly and potters around just like any other cat. This is what her foster carers have to say about her:

"Kendra loves cuddles like no other cat we’ve met. She seeks out affection at every turn and is happiest when she’s on your lap (or on your book, or under the duvet…) purring very loudly. Make no mistake she loves to be the centre of attention, and if you have guests round she will enthusiastically demo all her toys in the middle of the floor. Kendra’s a chatty cat and will happily shout her dinner order at you when she feels it’s time to feed! She loves to play and is always sweet and gentle, and she often likes to gently put a paw on you while cuddling. She really is a beauty inside and out and anyone would be very lucky to have a Kendra in their lives!"

Kendra is not looking to be a house cat, she is a lively soul doing really well on 3 legs. A place where she can safely play outside and have a nosey around a garden and sunbathe would be purrfect. She will be suitable to live with  children aged 8 and over as long as they know they have to be a bit extra gentle with her. Kendra is ideally looking for a home as an only cat so she can be the sole focus of attention. She's very keen on company so ideally she won't be left for more than 6 hours a day. If you can match her rehoming requirements then please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Kendra contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.











Tigger & Ace

Location: foster home

Double trouble alert! Tigger and Ace are a cracking pair of kittens who are looking for a new home together. The brothers were born in early September after an unplanned pregnancy (cats not being the best at family planning we always recommend getting yours neutered.) They are a playful pair who love hanging out together and their beautiful white and tabby markings make them a very handsome duo we are sure will be in demand!

Tigger is mostly tabby with white paws and a stripe on his nose. He's the slightly smaller of the two and a bit of a cry baby. He loves his cuddles and will give a noisy meow if he thinks you might have forgotten him. He loves to curl up and sleep on your lap. Ace is the larger of the two and is mostly white with tabby markings. He is the more boisterous and playful of the brothers and will turn anything into a toy. Both boys have been neutered and microchipped and are fully litter trained with a good appetite. It took them a couple of days to settle into their foster home and they hid away for the first 24 hours, but they are now very content with life in the heart of a family home where they receive lots of love and attention.

The kittens are suitable to live with children aged 8 and over. Will need someone around at home so they aren't left for more than 5 hours whilst young. They will also need access to play outdoors once old enough, so the property location must be away from busy roads.

If you would like to adopt Tigger & Ace contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: cattery

Kip is a handsome grey chap who is around 6-7 years of age. Kip is back with us after struggling to settle into the neighbourhood where his former adopter lived. We are now looking for a new home for him where he is the only cat in the home and in a location where there are few or no other cats around.

Kip is an affectionate and playful soul who loves to be picked up, cuddled and stroked by people. He loved nothing more than to snuggle up on his previous adopter's lap during the evening. He was very affectionate and well behaved at home and always used his scratching post and litter tray. Our volunteer cat cuddlers have also found Kip to be a soppy boy that enjoys attention.

Kip's adopter reported that he was bullied by local cats and often went wandering for several days returning home with fight injuries. Since returning to us Kip has been staying in our cattery and we are beginning to understand why he may have got himself into so much trouble in his previous home. Kip does not like other cats and will hiss at his cattery neighbours, male and female. We suspect that in a home environment Kip possibly goes out and starts fights, probably to establish and defend his territory. Judging by the location of the bites he has sustained, Kip  is not as much as a bruiser as he likes to think he is and usually comes off worse in fights!  

We are looking for a home with an adopter who is prepared to help Kip feel as safe as possible at home. This will include providing him with a microchip cat flap so he is the only cat that can enter into the home. A micro chip cat flap is essential so eventually Kip can come and go as he pleases knowing that he can always enter his home safely even if his adopters are out. Kip loves to play so he would also benefit from a range of toys, boxes etc that provide him with plenty of stimulation and interaction with people so that he is encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible. Kip is most likely to fight at night so his adopter needs to be willing to bear with his noisy protests whilst he settles in and gets used to new habits such as staying indoors at night. 

Kip is is a gentle giant with people and so suitable to live in a home where any children are of secondary school age or above. He is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Because of his antics we have also had Kip tested for FIV/FLV again and are pleased to report that he is negative for both.

If you would like to adopt Kip contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Purry Pete


Location: cattery

Get in line - there's a Purry Pete in town! Purry Pete is a 5 year old ragdoll seal looking for the lucky person who wants to be the recipient of heart melting fluffy cuddles and loud purrs from this handsome chap. Pete came into RSPCA care after his owner became ill and was unable to look after him. Pete had been used for breeding and had a number of health problems when we first met him. These included being underweight, anaemia from flea infestation and teeth in poor condition. All of these have been addressed and Pete is now a chunky hunk of a boy with a gorgeous coat and healthy teeth.

Purry Pete loves everyone he meets and will call out for cuddles with a mournful sound which sounds strangely like a cow mooing in the distance. Offer him your lap and you are instantly rewarded with affection including kisses and headbutts. Pete is a firm favourite with everyone who meets him and we are all very pleased with his transformation. Whoever adopts him will be guaranteed a unique but gentle character in their lives.
Pete thrives on attention, so a home where there are people around a fair bit to fuss him and play with him would be ideal. Pete has not lived with children before but, as he is such a softie, we would be willing to consider a home with primary aged children and above; as long as Pete approves of them when he meets them of course! Pete enjoys a good play with a dangly toy or his ball chaser toy and is good fun to be around.

Although Pete has probably never been outside, we would like him to have the chance to do this if he decides that it's something he would like to do. Therefore he needs a home where there is access to a quiet, safe outdoor space. His adopter will also need to be committed to grooming his gorgeous coat and keeping up to date with prescription only flea treatment. Pete would prefer to be the only cat in the home so he doesn't have to time share him humans with anyone else. Pete is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and hoping for a home to call his own.

If you would like to adopt Purry Pete contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.


Ria & Jet


Location: cattery

Ria and Jet are a mum and son pair that came into our care after their former owner had to leave their home and was unable to take the pair with them. Ria is black and white and around 3 years of age and her son Jet is black and 1 year old.

Jet is very small for a male cat although what he lacks in stature he makes up for in good old fashioned affection for anyone who is willing to spend some time with him. Jet settled into cattery life quite quickly and enjoys the company of our volunteer cat cuddlers. As soon as he thinks there is fuss and play on offer he will appear with his appealing eyes and weave in and out of your legs until you sit down and deliver strokes!

Ria is much more reserved and shy, but is starting to grow in confidence and  loves a fuss and a chin rub from cattery staff and visitors. She has a cheeky little face that won't fail to make you smile!

Jet is very fond of his mum Ria and the pair can always be found cuddled up together.  Ria depends on her son to check out the world and will watch him intently whilst he potters about his pen and climbs on laps. Being with Jet seems to give Ria much needed confidence to accept affection from humans. For these reasons we are looking for a home with an adopter willing to take on both cats.

We are looking for a quiet, loving adult only home for Jet and Ria where they have access to a safe outdoor space to explore. Both cats have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and would love the chance to live their lives happily ever after together.

If you would like to adopt Jet & Ria contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.