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Nico is a stunning tri coloured Border Collie who is just over 2 years old. She was originally rehomed via our branch when she was just 10 weeks old when she and her 5 siblings were rescued from poor conditions. Sadly Nico’s adopter passed away and now Nico is looking for her 3rd and, hopefully, forever home.  

Nico is extremely affectionate and adores having a cuddle; she will sit and relax on the sofa in your arms for hours whilst licking your face and gradually inching herself closer and closer to you. She also loves having a good brush and will happily roll on her belly and sides when asked so that every hair can be reached.

A quick way to Nico’s heart is through her tennis ball. She would happily play fetch all day given the opportunity and it’s certainly effective in tiring her out; after 30 minutes of play she collapses into a satisfied heap at the water bowl to recover, but she is soon ready to begin again!  

In her previous home Nico lived in a quiet house with 2 adults and no other pets. She was used to being walked off lead on local fields and moors and rarely came into contact with other dogs and people so we are looking for a similar home where she can settle in slowly. Prior to coming into our care Nico was used to sleeping in a crate and was fully house trained.  She was said to be very well mannered in the home. E.g. she didn’t jump onto the sofa without being invited! She is also an extremely smart and obedient girl who knows sit, down, paw, stay and roll over!  

Nico is looking for:

·     A home in a rural setting with local fields for her daily walks- she does chase cars so it is impossible to walk her down a road with any passing traffic even on lead. She also reacts to cyclists, joggers and passing dogs so she needs a quiet area for her daily exercise, parks and other popular dog walking spots would be too overwhelming for her.

·     A home where children are 16+- Nico is easily startled and does take her time to bond with strangers so is not suitable to live with young children or in a home with visiting young grandchildren.

·     A home with no other pets – Sadly Nico hasn’t been socialised with other dogs so has very poor manners with them, she tends to stare and become transfixed which can lead to aggression from her or the other dog.

·     A strong owner – She does pull on lead a lot, we walk her on a harness and lead and it isn’t unpleasant walking her but your arm may be longer than the other by the end of it!

·     An experienced owner- someone who has had rescue dogs, preferably collies before, and is able to read body language and respond accordingly.

·     Someone who is willing and able to visit her a few times before taking her home- she is a sensitive girl that needs time to bond with people before she trusts them.

·     A home where she won’t be left for more than 4 hours a day.

If you would like to adopt Nico contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Callie is an 8 month old whippet who loves everyone and everything! She is looking for a new home after her owners relationship ended and Callie was left without a roof over her head. We know it won’t take long before she is settled on someone’s sofa, as she is the sweetest and happiest dog you could ever wish to meet.  

Being only 8 months old Callie is a giddy and excitable little girl. First thing in a morning she likes tearing round the office greeting everyone by jumping all over us and giving our faces a good wash! Once she has calmed down a little she likes cuddles of the sofa, bum scratches and will always be eager to give kisses to anyone willing to accept them.  

Callie is far too excited to play with toys at the moment so to tire her out she enjoys going on long walks in the countryside. She will happily trot at your side for hours, greeting passersby, wagging her tail at every passing dog and attempting to chase the odd squirrel. She is wonderful to walk as she doesn’t pull and just absolutely loves all the attention she gets from people out and about. We walk her on a harness and lead and would advise her new owner to only let her off lead in very quiet areas or secure parks as she does seem to want to chase all the fluffy creatures outdoors.  

Callie has come from a home with children and is extremely gentle when calm, but it doesn’t take much to wind her up, a few belly rubs and a bit of baby talk on the sofa and she does get very giddy and can mouth a little and jump up at our faces for kisses. As a result we are looking for a home with children aged 8 and over and who are confident around dogs.   Callie is a joy to have a few minutes, but as soon as you call her name she is straight over to you for cuddles! She is an extremely affectionate young girl. She does know her name but that is a bout it so we would urge her new adopters to take her to training classes as she is a bright dog with lots of potential.  

Although Callie loves other dogs out on walks we are looking for a home for her as the only dog, as she is very giddy at times and craves attention. She has played off lead with other dogs in our care and loves interacting with them but she does push the others out of the way for fusses. She would be ideal for someone with friends and family with dogs so she can have play mates but a home where she can be centre of attention.    

We are looking for a home with a secure back garden so she can mooch and have giddy moments and where she won’t be left for long periods (you will have to spend time building up to a maximum of 4 hours, as she is only a puppy). 

If you would like to adopt Callie contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.