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Dre is a black and white Saluki cross who may not be the brightest bulb but makes up for his lack of brains with his playful character and adorable nature. Dre came into our care at the end of September at just 14 months of age along with his sister Daisy. Sadly their owner could no longer afford to feed them alongside the other 9 dogs in the home.

All the dogs were kept in kennels but have been well socialised around people and appear used to being around people indoors. We have every reason to believe they will adapt well to living in the home as they love lounging on the sofa in our office and making the most of the home comforts available. Dre is very clean in his kennel and waits until his walks to go to the toilet so we are confident that he will quickly pick up house training.

Dre is a beautiful boy who loves food, playing chase and squeaky balls. He is a little shy at first when meeting new people, or going to unknown places, but with the support of his sister he quickly brightens up and starts to enjoy himself. He does a wonderful impression of a buck-a-roo, parading around our paddock with his legs flying everywhere, tossing his squeaky ball in the air. His attention span isn’t very long so he quickly gets bored of his toys and directs his attention onto Daisy. He loves to chase her around the paddock and plays really rough with her like an over grown puppy: he snaps his teeth, pulls on her ears and generally makes a nuisance of himself but thankfully Daisy loves it.

Dre is lacking in confidence out on walks but on a harness and lead and following behind another dog he walks well.

He enjoys sniffing everything and trying to pick up scraps of food on his way and is happy walking past traffic. He does, however, act defensively sometimes to passing people and dogs when out on walks. We believe he wasn’t exercised away from the home much as a pup and so needs help with his socialising skills. A weekly dog class would help him gain confidence around unknown dogs and people as he is happy to make new friends in environments he feels comfortable in. It is simply out on walks he sometimes feels threatened and barks.

Dre is a lovely boy who enjoys hugs and kisses and will happily follow his human friends anywhere with a treat. Currently he doesn’t know any commands but his willingness to learn and his obsession with treats should make it an easy task. Due to his lack of confidence and reliance on another dog we are looking to rehome Dre to live with an existing dog in the home, but due to his full-on playing style the dog would need to be extremely tolerant and happy to join in Dre’s puppy fights. Dre is also very greedy and will eat everything in sight so the other dog must be willing to let him!

We are looking for adopters who won’t be out of the house for more than 4 hours at a time and where any children are teenage, as both dogs have a tendency to jump up and run into your legs if you’re not paying attention during play time. Neither dog is suitable to live with other animals; they both have high prey drives so we would recommend not letting them off lead in public areas and to consider muzzle training them.

If you would like to adopt Dre contact us today!

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Lila is an adorable 2 year old Staffy cross who we all call our little piglet! She is completely white but with so much pink showing through, and by making little snorting noises, she makes it is easy to see how she got her nickname! Lila is looking for a new home after she was removed from a property with 4 dogs and owners who were unable to cope with them all. She was very scared when she first came into our care, and she still needs that extra bit of reassurance, but we have all quickly come to love her. 

Lila settled in at the branch largely thanks to the other, confident dogs in our care. You see Lila adores other dogs. In fact she is like a different dog when she has a canine companion by her side. She confidently strides out on her daily walks with her doggy friends and off she goes, happy as anything, wanting to overtake them! Whereas when she is walked alone she is very on edge and hesitant. When with a companion she loves trotting down the bridal path, trying to pull us towards every passing squirrel she spots and towards every dog that is in sight so she can go and say hello.

She has lovely manners with other dogs and will insist on sniffing each pooch we pass. She does, however, pull a lot on lead, so we walk her on a harness but she would benefit from some reward based training to get her to walk to heal or you may end up with one arm longer than the other! She does play very nicely off lead with our other dogs and her favourite game is chase.

She likes to be the one getting chased though so we have to run around the paddock after her if the other dogs aren’t feeling up to it! Lila is much less confident with people and although she likes to go and greet every stranger she walks past, once she has approached them she tends to lose her confident and back away. It has taken her a few weeks to form a strong bond with our staff but now she trusts us she is cheeky and playful and very affectionate, but it does take her a little longer than most to make that connection. She is, however, unphased by all the comings and goings on at the kennels and is happy walking past traffic and school yards. But when it comes to one on one contact she likes to have met you a few times before having a stroke or a cuddle. Once she knows you then she likes to sit on your knee, have a good bum scratch, be chased around the paddock and will be very generous and wash your face for you too! 

Lila is looking for a loving home with an understanding owner who will give her time to settle in and adjust to all the change that’s happening to her. We are looking for someone quite local who will be willing to come and meet her a few times and build a bond with her before the big day of taking her home so that she feels safe and secure. It is vitally important that there is another dog in the home that is keen to play with her and is confident in themselves. She is looking for a quiet home with adults only and where she won’t be left for more than 4 hours at a time.

If you would like to adopt Lila contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.








Nico is an extremely loving and affectionate 2.5 year old Border Collie who is looking for a very specific type of home following the tragic passing of her owner.

Although Nico loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa with you and showing you how much she loves you she has lived a very sheltered life and needs an adopter who can replicate her previous home life. She needs a rural setting with just one or two people in the home and no other pets. Nico will need access to a private enclosed garden to play in and be taken for walks in the countryside where she will not encounter other people or pets.

If you would like to register your interest in Nico please contact us via email and we will send you some more information about her.

If you would like to adopt Nico contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.