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Nico is a stunning tri coloured Border Collie who is just over 2 years old. She was originally rehomed via our branch when she was just 10 weeks old when she and her 5 siblings were rescued from filthy and cramped conditions. Sadly Nico’s adopter has been taken ill so Nico is looking for her 3rd and hopefully forever home.  

Nico is a sensitive girl who makes very strong bonds with a few select people. She absolutely adores our three animal staff and will jump onto their laps for cuddles, run round in circles in excitement when she sees them every morning and will do her very best to lick every part of their faces! However, it has taken a good few weeks for her to reach this stage. She is very wary around strangers and needs gradual, repeated introductions with new people to gain her confidence.  

A quick way to Nico’s heart is through her tennis ball. Whilst she might not be ready for cuddles even on first meetings she will gladly fetch a tennis ball for you. She would happily play fetch all day given the opportunity and it’s certainly effective in tiring her out; after 30 minutes of play she drags herself into our office and collapses at the water bowl to recover but she is soon ready to begin again!  

In her previous home Nico lived in a quiet house with 2 adults and no other pets. She was used to being walked off lead on local fields and moors and rarely came into contact with other dogs and people so we are looking for a similar home where she can settle in slowly. A rural setting with quiet country roads is a must for Nico, as she believes cars are there to be chased; she will pull at the end of her lead and stare at them in fascination and off lead she would chase them so walking down a normal street would be impossible.  

In our care she has had contact with a few of our other dogs and she seems quite interested in them with no signs of aggression so with slow introductions she may be able to go on walks with friends and family members dogs but would not be suitable to live with another dog at home.  

Nico is extremely affectionate, she adores having a cuddle and will sit and relax on the sofa in your arms but the slightest strange noise will make her jump and react. Noises such as hiccups, toasters and doorbells distress her and she will bark and take a few minutes to calm down so a quiet home with few visitors or nearby factories or businesses would be ideal. Nico really has lived a very quiet and sheltered life and her new home needs to replicate her previous experiences.  

Nico is used to sleeping in a crate and is fully house trained.  She is happy being left for 4 hours at a time and is very well mannered in the home; she won’t jump onto the sofa without being invited! She is also an extremely smart and obedient girl who knows sit, down, paw, stay and roll over!  

Nico ’s new owner needs to be a strong and active person who can enjoy long country walks with her but also manage her on lead as she does pull a lot! They need to have a calm and relaxing home with no children and no other pets. Nico will adore her new owner once she has bonded with them but it may take a few meetings before this happens. Her new owner will have a loyal companion and a tennis buddy for life with Nico!

If you would like to adopt Nico contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Blade is a stunning 4 year old husky cross (probably with some Akita in there!). Sadly his previous owners had to give him up as he was limping on his back leg and they couldn’t afford the treatment. Blade has had thorough investigation into his limping and nothing has been found. Following medication he is now fully recovered.

Blade is a beautiful dog inside and out. He is quite small for a Husky cross but very chunky with large paws. Everyone who meets him comments on his adorable face and large pink tongue hanging out of his mouth, but it’s once you get to know him that you see just how wonderful he is. Blade loves people and will never tire from trotting around with the staff, having bum scratches and ear rubs from each one in turn. He adores cuddles and kisses and even loves a good old brush! In the morning when we let Blade out of his kennel he will come gently bounding out ready to meet and greet everyone.

Blade's previous owners walked him on a harness but Blade is wary of his head being touched, especially with people he doesn’t know and trust, so we have been respecting his boundaries and only been walking him on a lead clipped to his collar. He can pull a little on lead but for the most part he trots ahead of you quite comfortably. Once settled in a new home and with a strong bond with his owner we would recommend taking him out on a harness.

Blade enjoys leaping through long grass in the fields, so we use an extra strong extender lead to give him plenty of space to roll and bounce! He also likes to stroll around the local area and is very well mannered. He listens to his handler and waits at the side of roads and if you stop to chat to passers by (normally about how wonderful he is!) he will stand still, patiently waiting until it is time to move on. He does get very excited when he sees other dogs and is normally very keen to go and say hello, but his size and confidence doesn’t go down well with some passing pooches so we would recommend keeping him on lead in open areas with dogs that haven’t been properly introduced to him. He has lived with a female dog in the past and once his initial excitement has subsided he could be friends with other sociable dogs owned by friends or family but we believe he would be a lot calmer and more settled living alone.  

Once Blade has had a morning walk his favourite game is playing in his paddling pool. He steps straight in everyday and will happily chase floating toys, bite splashing water and play pond dipping for a good 30 minutes before getting bored. A children's paddling pool is therefore a must in his new home and any walks around local lakes are guaranteed to end up with him in the water!  

Blade is a bright boy who knows sit and paw and is eager to learn new tricks. He likes treats and cuddles so is easily motivated in training. He would benefit from weekly training classes where he can learn a bit of self control around other dogs and can benefit from picking up some new skills; a Kennel Club Bronze class would be ideal.   Blade is a cracking dog who needs an owner with plenty of time and energy to offer him and where he will be the only dog in the home.

We are looking for someone who will not leave him no more than 4 hours a day, who has a house with a good sized, secure garden area and a paddling pool! He would be suitable to live with children aged 10 and over, as he is very gentle but does have giddy moments where his size could knock a younger child over. We are looking for an owner who has knowledge of the breed, who understands the amount of exercise Husky/Akita types require. 

If you would like to adopt Blade contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Lulu is an adorable 4 year old Chinese Crested lady who came into our care after her owner could no longer cope with the 16 dogs in the home. She is a sweet little thing with very little hair but lots of character!   Lulu was quite nervous when she first arrived in our care, she would avoid us handling her and warn us off if anyone tried to push her boundaries but after a few days she soon grew to trust us and now she spends the majority of her day on our laps licking our faces!   Lulu may be small in stature but is large in personality; once she has attached herself to you it is impossible to ignore her. She likes to leap onto your knee, jump up your legs when you stand up and would happily sit on your shoulder licking your face all day if you allowed it. She can, however, be a bit of a diva and will quickly snap at strangers or her friend Merlin if he dares to approach her whilst she is having cuddle time. 

Lulu likes leaping around with Merlin and will cuddle up to him on cold nights but she doesn't like other dogs. Lulu happily goes for a stroll around the park in the morning, she walks well on lead and enjoys the fresh air and especially likes rolling in smelly things but as soon as she sees another dog she growls and pulls forward. We believe she is reactive because of a lack of socialisation, she is wary of strangers and dogs so we believe that she has lived in a very quiet home with few visitors and no regular exercise outside the home.  

Although Lulu likes Merlin we are happy to rehome her on her own. She can be snappy with him over food and cuddle time and Merlin is protective over special treats such as raw hide so if someone wanted to offer them a home together there would have to be at least two people regularly in the home so that Merlin and Lulu wouldn't need to compete over love and attention.  

Lulu has lots of hair on her face and tail but is bald on her body and legs; it is common for this breed to get dry skin so we have been putting Sudacrem on her dry patches and also sun cream on her ears as she is likely to get sunburnt when playing outside. Ideally we would like her new owner to have experience or knowledge of the breed and understand the extra care and attention Lulu will need to keep her skin in top condition.  

Lulu can be a super affectionate girl but she likes getting her own way. She quickly picked her favourites amongst the staff and she does growl if a stranger walks past and disturbs her beauty sleep so we are looking for someone who has had a stubborn pooch in the past and can read Lulu’s body language to see when she is getting upset. She gets upset when she sees other dogs out on walks so she would be best having one or two short walks a day in a quiet area that isn’t a popular dog walking spot. She does love rolling in grass and having a mooch around so she would enjoy a secure garden that she can play in where she can’t see passers by.  

Lulu’s is looking for a home with no other pets unless rehomed with her friend Merlin. She is not suitable to live with children, as she will warn you off if you cross her boundaries. She isn’t used to being left on her own in the day so she could suffer from separation anxiety so we are looking for someone who wouldn't leave her more than an hour or so at a time at least for the first few weeks, working up to a maximum of 4 hours a day.  Lulu is a very affectionate dog with a cheeky nature and an adorable face. She will be the most loving and loyal companion for someone very special.
In brief:

If you would like to adopt Lulu contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Merlin is a sweet, 3 year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff pooch who is looking for a new home after his elderly owner could no longer cope with the 16 dogs in the home. Merlin is a fluffy, white and grey boy with long floppy ears and an adorable little face that is impossible not to love   Merlin is an affectionate boy who likes his cuddles; he is a quiet boy who will slowly come and position himself on your knee without making too much of a fuss about it. Once he has had enough love he enjoys sniffing and mooching around our paddock but he never strays too far from us; after a few minutes checking out all the new smells he comes trotting over for another cuddle. He is a very skinny boy and needs fattening up, so we are giving him extra meals until he has gained enough weight.  

Merlin is currently living with his friend Lulu. They enjoy playing together and cuddling each other on cold nights but they can squabble over treats and especially cuddles, so we are happy to rehome Merlin on his own or with Lulu if there is more than one person regularly in the home to give equal amounts of cuddles to both dogs.  

Merlin is a little nervous around strangers but quickly decides that he would like a fuss off everyone. He can bark in alarm when startled by passers by or foreign noises but once he has voiced his concerns he will go back to whatever he was doing. We have been taking Merlin out on walks with his friend Lulu and he enjoys trotting around our small field but is reluctant to walk on lead longer than ten minutes. After that he begs to be picked up and much prefers to be plodding around our enclosed paddock so he is looking for a home with a secure garden where he can do most of his exercising, although he would be happy with one or two short walks around the block each day.

Out on walks he is a bit unsure but with a little encouragement he enjoys them. He has met a couple of passing dogs, which he has sniffed and been very calm around so we would consider rehoming him with another small dog. However, he can be possessive over high value treats such as raw hides so the other dog must be very tolerant and happy to share. Merlin is happy eating his meals next to other dogs.  

Merlin is a gentle boy who just wants cuddles and love and a garden to run around in and enjoys having a few crazy laps first thing in the morning! He would be suitable to live with one or two children aged ten and over who are used to rescue dogs, but ideally he would prefer a quiet and settled home. He does have a habit of getting bits of twigs and grass stuck in his coat so will need regular grooming to keep on top of any mats. Merlin isn’t used to being left on his own so may suffer from separation anxiety if left too long, we are looking for a owner will leave him no more than 1 or 2 hours to begin with, possibly building up to 4 hours once he is settled.  In brief:

If you would like to adopt Merlin contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.