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Tilly is an adorable 1 year old cross breed that looks like she has the body of a whippet and the face of an elf. She is an affectionate girl who chooses to spend most of the day on our laps; only ¾ of her will actually fit on but this doesn’t seem to stop her trying! Tilly was removed from a home where the owners had previously been banned from keeping animals. She was living with cats, birds and another dog and had experienced very little of the world. Her lack of socialization has caused her to be very anxious outside so we are looking for an understanding owner who can help her with her troubles.

Tilly is a joy to be around and is a bright and affectionate young girl; she loves people, dogs and sofas in that order. It’s obvious that she hasn’t had any training in her previous home but thankfully she is young and quick to learn. We have been teaching her ‘sit’ and have been strengthening her recall but to be honest she will always come back to you for a cuddle!

Indoors Tilly is a giddy girl, always hopping from one knee to the other and is full of energy and confidence but take her outside and you quickly see a change in her. The lack of socialisation in her previous home has resulted in a very anxious dog out on walks and is reactive towards strangers, joggers, cyclists and large, noisy vehicles. For this reason we have started walking her in quiet, rural areas where she enjoys sniffing all the trees, chasing flies and bouncing through long grass. She enjoys her walks through the fields and is a lot more relaxed. For this reason we are looking for a home in a rural area where her daily walks can be down quiet, country lanes and through secluded fields where she won’t be bombarded with people and vehicles that spook her. Even a walk through a park would be too stimulating for her as she would bark at joggers and be fearful of children approaching her.

Although Tilly finds many things quite intimidating out on walks, she is always desperate to meet any passing pooches she sees. She absolutely adores other dogs and will often whimper and pull on the lead if you don’t let her go and say hello. Being around the other dogs in our care really boosts her confidence and puts a spring in her step so we would be happy to rehome Tilly to live with another dog.

Tilly will make a fantastic companion for someone special, however, due to the strong affection she has for people we do believe that she will suffer from separation anxiety. Because of this we are looking for a home where she won’t be left for more than a couple of hours at a time and possibly not even for this long in the first few weeks.

Tilly hasn’t yet shown any interest in toys but we are hopeful that in her new home, once she realises that her people aren’t going anywhere, she will start to enjoy toys and games. We have been getting her brain working with interactive feeding puzzles, which she accomplished so she is almost there and a pig’s ear always keeps her good for a few minutes! 

Due to Tilly’s lack of life experience and training we are looking for an owner who will take her to puppy training classes to master the basics and help her grow in confidence around strangers; she adores dogs and is a very bright little dog so would really benefit from regular classes.

We have discovered that she is fearful of young children, we suspect this is because in her previous home she never encountered any but it does mean that she will hide behind her handler if any approach her so we are looking for a home where any children are over 10 years old and If there are visiting children there must be a room for her to be able to retreat to and feel safe and secure in whilst the children are visiting.

Tilly’s ideal home would be with someone who works from home or is retired and can devote a good proportion of the day to helping her learn and develop into a confident and happy dog. Her new owner must have experience with rescue dogs or dogs with similar issues as Tilly.

Tilly will instantly adore her new owner and will shower them with love and affection but she does need someone who understands that the great outdoors can be a very scary place for a little dog with no experience of the world.  

To recap, we are looking for a home for Tilly where:

·     Won’t be left for more than 1 to 2 hours, ideally you will be retired or work from home

·     The home is in a quiet, rural area where she can be walked in fields and countryside.

·     Someone who has experience owning rescue dogs or dogs with similar issues as Tilly.

·     She will be taken to socialisation/training classes

·     Any children are of teenage and used to rescue dogs

If you would like to adopt Tilly contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.