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Feather is looking for a very special home after she was removed from a property with 12 other dogs. She is a beautiful Chinese Crested lady we estimate at being around 5 years old. In her previous home she lived her entire life indoors, never being let out to toliet and so understandably she finds the great outdoors very worrying and she is not house trained. As a result we are looking for someone who has had experience with a dog with similar troubles and has endless amounts of patience.  

Feather is a wonderful dog to have around. Each morning she runs out of her kennel straight onto the sofa for cuddles and quickly curls up on your lap for love and kisses. She is the most affectionate little dog you will ever meet, forever looking into your eyes to be adored and asking for more love. She never tires of sitting on our knee and dozing off; in fact it’s normally us who have to coax her down to get some work done.  

Once she realises that cuddle time is over she will happily potter around the office, but the worry starts when its time to go outside. Feather does enjoy sunning herself in our quiet grassy paddock, but she still would prefer to be sitting on our knees on the garden bench. However, she does have a run around and a chew on some grass. 

Out in the real world, with normal everyday noises and weather conditions, she becomes very distressed. She will avoid going outside as best she can and if the slightest gust of wind or noise troubles her then she will hold everything in and toilet once she is back indoors. Apart from neighbouring barking dogs, our kennels are very quiet and rural and the paddock area which Feather actually enjoys going out in has no passing traffic or noise from neighbours and is very open and light. She happily toilets in the paddock and in general is quite clean in her kennel.  

Feather needs a home in a quiet area, preferably rural where the everyday sounds of neighbours and traffic can’t really be heard. If the location is too busy then she will be too scared to go outside and will mess in the house. She needs a home with a large, grassy garden where she can spend her time pottering around. She does not enjoy going out for walks or visiting places so running around the garden would be her only exercise. Ideally the home will have a conservatory or room which opens out into the garden where Feather can spend the majority of her time and any accidents can be easily cleaned up, so preferably a tiled or laminate floor. If given the full run of the house Feather will urinate wherever she pleases, as this is what she has been left to do for the whole of her life up.  

Feather was originally rehomed two months a go with another Chinese Crested from the same home but despite the other dog quickly getting to grips with house training she became more and more anxious about outoors and continuously messed indoors. The location was typical of most housing and was simply too noisy for Feather. So to help Feather have as few distractions as possible we are looking for a home with no other dogs where her new owner can devote all their time on her.  

We are looking for someone who has had a dog with similar issues as Feather who knows how important it is to be patient and understanding. They will need to be out for no more than 4 hours a day and have a very quiet home located in a country-type area. Although Feather is extremely affectionate and loves everyone, her toilet habits and need of a peaceful life mean that we are looking for a home without children. 

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