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Blog post: Shep's Day Out!

Shep is a 4 year old cross breed who is looking for a new home after his owner, who was suffering with mental illness, could no longer care for him or the other dogs. He was living with three other dogs and a range of small animals, including cats, so he is a very sociable chap who wants a home with another pooch.  

It is rare to get such a fantastic dog like Shep in our care. He is what we call a ‘good all rounder’. He loves other dogs, he adores people and although he doesn’t actually know commands he is extremely well mannered. He is medium sized, about the same as a collie or a slim Labrador, and has the wonderful smile of a staffy!  

Shep is very stressed in kennels because he just wants to be with people and other dogs back in a home environment. When we first get him out in the morning he will whimper and cry at us to go out on a walk so he can meet all the other dogs out and about. Whether it be it a tiny terrier or a big boxer, as soon as he sees a dog he desperate to go and say hello and would happily stand there all day wagging his tail and sniffing with them. Shep is so calm and well mannered around even  the silliest of dogs and will happily share his treats and water bowl with them too.  

Shep adores people as well as dogs, although he is having a hard time adjusting to his time in kennels the place he feels happiest is sitting on our knee, which admittedly isn’t the comfiest position for us as he is 22kg, but we are happy to oblige for such a lovely lad! So far Shep hasn’t shown any interest in toys and he isn’t too bothered by food (unless it’s a pedigree chum pouch!) so we spend our mornings cuddling with him on the sofa. The only thing he isn’t fond of us doing is putting his collar on and messing around his head too much; he allows us to put his harness on everyday, which he walks on very well, but he is a little head shy so we respect this by stroking his back rather than his head.

Shep will happily go anywhere with anyone and jump in our cars and vans, but the second we are out of sight he will start whimpering. This is understandable given that he has recently left his home and lost his family, but we are hopefully that once settled in a new home he will be less stressed when left. However, as a precaution we are looking for someone who won't leave him for more than a couple of hours a day at least for the first few weeks.  

Shep is a wonderful dog, who is perfect for someone wanting a companion to explore the world with in the day and relax on the sofa or in the local pub with in the evenings, but there must be another dog in the home who wants a gentle boy to share their life with. Shep really is fabulous company and will make someone feel very loved indeed! Because he is a little head shy we are looking for a home where any children are aged 8 and over.  

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