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Aldrin, Apollo, Archer, Astro and Atlas

We know we are asking an awful lot here but we just can’t separate this wonderful group of 5 male rats: Aldrin, Apollo, Archer, Astro and Atlas. They have been through much and lost 10 of their ‘housemates’ to various illnesses that we just don’t want to put them through any more grief. We all know how much rats bond with one another and this gang of lads are amazing and adore each other. They always squeeze into the same house together for nap time so we’ve now given them a ‘pigloo’ so they can all fit in together more comfortably!

If ever you wanted a ready made family then these are the rats for you. They are so friendly and easy to handle. They are always so happy to see you and just love life. In total there were 25 rats in the home in varying states of ill health. They hadn’t been cleaned out in a long while and the stench of ammonia made our eyes water. The rats had been well loved and lived in large cages with plenty of enrichment but their owner just couldn’t look after them. In total 13 out of the 25 had to be put to sleep due to inoperable tumours, advance respiratory infections and other chronic conditions. It was a very distressing experience for all concerned but we are delighted to say that the remaining rats are all healthy and happy rodents.

The rats have been examined by an exotic vet specialist and are in good health and ready for rehoming. We feed them a diet of Science Selective dry food and fresh fruit and vegetables. If you can offer them a home in a really large cage (e.g like a Royal Savic) then please get in touch. We ask for a donation in lieu of an adoption fee.

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