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Addison & Arizona

About Addison & Arizona

Breed: Smoothcoat Age: 12-18 months Sex: Female pair

Addison and Arizona are two beautiful agouti guinea pigs that came into our care following a large intake of pigs from a property where mis-sexed piggies had led to lots of unwanted pregnancies, leaving the owners unable to cope.

The girls were put on pregnancy watch and moved straight into foster care. Here is what their foster carer has to say about them:

“Addison and Arizona were terrified when they first came to me and it was clear they’d had very little handling as Arizona tried to leap from her carrier to avoid being picked up. The girls soon settled though and started to really enjoy the comforts of being indoor piggies and having fresh veggies every day! One month after their arrival, Addison gave birth to two beautiful guinea pigs and Arizona followed suit a month later, giving birth to a whopping four babies on New Year’s Eve! The pair were doting mother’s and both did a fantastic job at raising their babies, especially Arizona, who as a young and underweight guinea pig herself had the tricky task of feeding four hungry little pigs! Now their mothering duties are finished, the girls are looking for a home where they will be pampered and showered with attention. The difference in the girls from when they first arrived is just so lovely to see. They fly out of their hides when they hear you enter the room and they’re up at the front of their cage, standing on their back legs to see if you’ve brought them some tasty treats! They still evade capture but once they’re caught they will flop over on your knee and enjoy your company and a chin tickle!”

They would make good additions to a family with older, sensible children. The girls can be a little skittish but fine once happily settled on your knee with food! We recommend an indoor C&C set up for all our piggies as they provide lots of space and are cheaper than store bought cages (see our housing guide for more info). Min. size housing for two guinea pigs is 5x2ft but bigger is better! Please call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet the girls!


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