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About Archibald

Breed: Rex Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Male

This beautiful soul is our beloved rex rabbit Monsieur Archibald Cabbage. He was so battered and shy when he arrived that we felt he deserved a grand name to inspire him to greater times. Four weeks ago this gorgeous boy arrived in a sad state. He had been housed with his father in cramped conditions, neither were neutered and Archie had been attacked more than once, his nose had been badly bitten. He was from a breeder, who could not sell him due to his age, looks and the pandemic. Now 6 months old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped our Archie is ready to fly the nest!

Archie Cabbage is a lovely rabbit who enjoys human company and head strokes. He is an inquisitive bunny who is interested in everything and going for his daily run around the rabbit unit. He is always keen to see what we are doing and isn’t shy when it comes to asking for extra veggies or treats! He is an active bunny who likes lots of space to run around, cardboard boxes to chew and rolls stuffed with hay to play with. He is a clean boy who makes good use of his litter trays and keeps himself looking super smart!

Archie was neutered on 11th August and can now start living side by side with a prospective partner. He will be ready for face to face introductions from w/c 22nd September. He gets spooked by loud noises, so he wouldn’t be suitable to live indoors with young children. If you would like to share your home with a sweet natured, loving bunny then please drop us an email to

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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