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About Britney

Breed:Smoothcoat Age: 6 months (approx) Sex: Female

LOOKING FOR PIG PALS! Britney came into our care after being found walking down a street! We could not find her owner, so this little girl was kept in foster care for a month and then had an ultrasound scan to make sure she wasn’t pregnant. We are pleased to announce that she is not pregnant and she can now finally find a forever home!

Britney is approx 5 months old and is the most amazing character. When she first arrived she was so scared, but now she is a super star with the best zoomies in town. This what her foster family have to say about her:

 “Britney is a gorgeous little pig with lots of personality. She is a very happy pig loving life. Her favourite past time is zooming around her pen at full speed, the more space she has the better. She will come up to you in her pen, give you a wash and then run laps around you. She’s too busy for lap cuddles at the momemt, she much prefers to wander. She will tolerate being picked up but she’d much rather interact with you on her level. You can tell just how comfortable she is around people when she chills out all sprawled out on her side in her huts after having a run around in her pen. We’ve never seen a piggie look as relaxed as her.

At feeding time, she will wait excitedly at the cage door, wheeking away while she waits to be fed and sometimes even popcorns with all the excitement. She will also take food from your hand. Her favourite food is parsley (typical piggie), corn, tomatoes and strawberry’s every now and then. Though she isn’t too keen on celery and green beans. She is really rather clean for a piggie so you could possibly let he have free roaming around your home at playtime. And she loves to chew on her wooden toys etc.”

Piggies are highly social and therefore Britney is looking for a home with other piggies (this could be a with neutered male, single or group of females etc). She is confident with people but we don’t know if that will translate to other piggies however she’s young so likely to be accepted into a new pairing/group. She is used to a 160cm long indoor cage plus playtime out in an even larger run. She can live indoors (a C&C cage would be ideal, see the housing guide on our website) or out but she needs a linear (1 long space on one level) space so she can really get a sprint on. If you can offer her a super sized home with piggy pals then please get in touch. Please note we can offer full piggy bonding/introduction advice! Call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet her!

Come and meet me! Contact the branch: RSPCA Manchester & Salford 0161 882 0680 (option 4)

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