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When the RSPCA regional headquarters contacted us to help with a litter of 10 baby bunnies we jumped at the chance! We had no idea who or what to expect but it is fair to say there was a lot of hushed squeals of delight when they arrived from the North East of England. From what we understand there were adults and babies living together and the numbers had got so out of hand the owners could no longer cope.

This little lady is Athena. She is absolutely adorable, oozes with confidence and is not shy in clambering on you for food and attention! She is a typical baby bunny who enjoys life and is a real tonic! She will be perfect for pairing with a neutered male because she will not hit puberty for another 3 months, by which time the branch will arrange for her to be neutered at their designated specialist vets in South Manchester or will contribute a £100 towards the cost at another vet. At this age baby girls tend to be seen as less threatening by adult rabbits, so if you are looking for an easier bonding experience a baby girl is the way to go. Athena is a smashing character, she is ready to viewed and reserved now and will be able to leave our care from 26th March (she will have received both vaccinations and be microchipped). Being so young she would be best to live indoors, but if you have a converted shed/garage that is suitably warm/sheltered then we will consider her to live outdoors. Call 0161 737 6600.


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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