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HOUSE RABBIT This delightful Netherland Dwarf has been ironically given the name Attila the Bun because he is such a soppy sausage and always after a fuss! He came into our care after an inspector heard about two rabbits being given away for free. They were not living together (good job because they were of different gender and not neutered!) and she was in a poor state, missing teeth and impacted with faeces around her bottom, surprisingly Attila was surprisingly in good condition!

We estimate Attila to be no more than one year old, but he could well be younger. He has brought much joy to our centre, here a member of staff explains why:


“On first impression, Atilla appears all alluring with his soft white marshmellowness. Once he has enticed you into his pen, being all cute, the neddy nature is unleashed! He comes over and lets you know that you are going to stroke him, yes you, right now! And he’ll tell you when to stop. His beautiful chin goes flat to the floor and the tooth purring begins! When he’s had enough of you then you can be his climbing frame or simply move! Atilla the bun, well pocket rocket, is a lovely friendly chap. And as most neddies are, rather assertive. They so know they can get away with it too!”

Attila is looking for a home as a house rabbit. He has received both vaccinations and is neutered and chipped. He has only recently been castrated so if you are looking to bonded him with a female he will need to be housed separately for a few more weeks yet (sorry, we can only reserve an animal for 7 days). Attila can also live as a single house rabbit provided that he gets plenty of human company and you obey the Bun! He is ideal for a first time rabbit owner. If you would like to offer Attila a home please drop us an email telling us about your home to


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