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Basil and Thyme



About Basil and Thyme



Breed: Mouse Age: Unknown Sex: Male


Basil (black and white) and Thyme (tan and white) are two adolscent male mice who have come into our care after being found abandoned in a box with 3 other mice. We choose to serapate them because Basil had injuries akin to being attacked, and as you can also see he is missing part of his right ear. He may have been born like this but we felt it best to give Basil a more peaceful life. The two boys get on really well and have settled into their new home together with ease. They are sociable little boys who are easy to handle and will make ideal first time pets. We keep them on carefresh bedding to reduce odour and clean them daily. The mice are fed a Science Selective mouse food and fresh veg daily. If you can offer them a fun home to live in with lots of tunnels, wheels and things to climb then please get in touch by calling 0161 737 6600. N.B There is no adoption fee for mice but donations are welcome.



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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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