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Bertha is around two years old. She has lived much, if not all, of her life confined to a tiny hutch. Her under-carriage is stained yellow from her cramped existence and she’s not had a reason to like people either. We estimate her to be around 2 years old and we have had her neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.


Bertha has loved the new found space and activity she has been given since moving into our care. She now enjoys a 3m x 1m sized pen filled with hidey holes, tunnels and boxes. She effortlessly leaps on top of a tall box to lounge on it and she happily wiles her days away enjoying her new freedom. She’s a little wary of us humans still but does come and check out what tasty treats we have for her. She lives alongside other bunnies and has no concerns about their proximity. We think Bertha would most enjoy living outdoors, ideally with a neutered male companion. Bertha deserves a forever home with plenty of fun and space, if you can offer it to her please get in touch.

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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