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About Beryl

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 4 years (approx) Sex: Female

Beryl came into our care back in June from a home where breeding had got out of control. She had spent her life living with her sister and raising their multiple litters together and we were told they were the best of friends. Once in our care we monitored them closely and found that they spent as much time as possible avoiding each other, they were stressed living together and as a result each developed ear mites. After a period treatment we are pleased to report that Beryl is back up to full health and happily enjoying life independently from her sister.

Beryl is a large bunny who generally likes to be left to her own devices. She would be ideally suited to outdoor living and although she is nearly 4 years old it would be great to see her paired with a placid, neutered male companion. She likes to do all the bunny things you’d expect, pottering, exploring and playing. She is a fantastic hay eater and we keep her weight down by sticking to a hay and veggies diet only.

Beryl has been neutered and microchipped and has received both the combi vaccination and VHD2 vaccination. She will benefit from a slow, gradual approach to bonding as well plenty of time and patience from her new owner. Beryl is a beauty who just hasn’t had the best of life. Please helps us to make it her time to shine.

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My Personality
I can be a house rabbit

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