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Billy & Piper

About Billy & Piper

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 2-3 year (approx) Sex: Male and female


Billy (male, black) and Piper (female) have the most enviable relationship with one another. Despite sharing a history of living in the most appalling conditions, this seems to have strengthened their pair bond. They are absolutely besotted with one another and in the three months we have had the pleasure of caring for them they have transformed both physically and mentally.

Billy and Piper were found being housed in a small indoor plastic cage. It had not been cleaned out in many months, there were cobwebs all over the bars of the cage and they were existing in inches deep of their own filth. The cage was barren and had no food or water. Piper was so obese that she had fat folds on her belly that were infected. She required daily cleaning for weeks on end and a strict diet to shift her weight before she could be neutered. The pair of them were terrified when they arrived, but we could see from day one how committed they were to one another. Billy used to be really protective of his ladybun and box and growl us out of the way! As the weeks went on they began to trust us and enjoy the new life they had. As the weight came off Piper she started to play and accept strokes from us. By this time we were best friends with Billy and we had all fallen for him. His apparent love for his companion was just so endearing. The pair are now unrecognizable from when they came in and they love life and being fussed by everyone. They are probably in the top 3 of transformations and triumphs at our centre this year and we are so proud of them.

Both bunnies are neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Whilst they have always lived indoors we think they would be very happy outdoors in a sheltered set up e.g. shed and run or garage with natural light. They may take a little while to adjust to their new home but in time they will become your bunny best friends too. We don’t know how old they are but probably around 2 to 3 tops. If you would to fill your garden with some lovely bunnies then please email us at

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