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About Blaze

Breed: Corn snake Age: 6 months (approx) Sex: Female

Blaze is a colourful female corn snake who we estimate to be around a year old. She came into our care after a member of the public found her hiding in a pillow case in her airing cupboard! Unfortunately our attempts to find her owner were unsuccessful so she is now looking for a new home.Blaze is a friendly girl and has a calm temperament. She is still young and would benefit from regular handling. In her vivarium she tends to hide in the day and come out in the evening. We know she explores at night as the following morning you can see the tunnels she’s made, burrowing in her aspen.She eats well and has had no problems shedding. Blaze would make a wonderful first snake.

Blaze will eventually require a vivarium with length of 120cm x height of 40cm x width of 40cm, which will allow her to fully stretch out. She is currently living in a vivarium half this length as young snakes can often become stressed in an environment which is too big for them. She will require a thermal gradient of 28-30°c at the warm end and 20-24°c at the cool end. Temperatures must be controlled using a thermostat. A 2-7% UVB bulb should ideally also be provided.

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