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About Bonnie

Breed: Domestic  crossbreed Age: 4 months (approx) Sex: Female


Bonnie is a very pretty young lady around 4 months old. She was found by builders and believed to be part of a feral cat colony, but as she was on her own and seeking out human contact she was taken home by the inspector who rescued her to introduce her to domestic living. Bonnie has been in our centre for the last two weeks and there has been a dramatic transformation in her. Bonnie is now a super sweet and confident girl who loves human contact and play.

Bonnie has this gorgeous compact body that makes her look all the more cuddly. She has a curious, inquisitive look in her eyes that reveal how happy and at ease she now is. She loves visitors to her pen and is now always up on her ledge at the doorway ready to greet passersby. She is a far cry from the timid, scared kitty that we first met and she has now blossomed into a little super star. She still flinches at sudden noises, so for this reason cannot be rehomed with young children, but we have socialised her with another young cat and after a few days they were enjoying playing, wrestling and snoozing together.

Anyone wishing to adopt Bonnie must be able to offer her a home that is on a ground floor where she will be able to go out to play once older. Any young people in the home must be of secondary school age and it must be a relaxed household. Bonnie may be able to live with another, young, playful cat, but please be prepared for Bonnie to take a while to adjust to a change in surroundings too. Bonnie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready for you to meet her. Please call 0161 737 6600!


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