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Boo & Bob

About Boo & Bob

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 8 weeks (approx) Sex: Male pair

To be rehomed as a pair

Boo and Bob are a pair of boisterous brothers who just love to tear around together getting up to all kinds of kitten mischief. The pair were found along with their a third sibling by a builder on a site he was working on. Realising how young they were, he handed the tiny kittens to the RSPCA to be cared for until they were ready for adoption.

Boo and Bob do everything together and, as they are almost identical, it’s often hard to tell which is which. Colourful quick release collars might need to be on their adopter’s shopping list!  Boo is more of a lap cat than Bob, although Bob has his soppy moments too.  Both enjoy playing and chasing dangly toys. The pair are incredibly close and we are looking for a home for them together to grow up in.

The brothers have been living in a foster home where there are children of primary and secondary age so would be fine to live in a family. They must not be left alone for longer than 4-5 hours whilst they are young and will need a safe outdoor space to explore once they are old enough.

Boo and Bob are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. If you would like to meet them, please call 0161 882 0680 option 4


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