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Boris is a wonderful young man, roughly 12 months of age. He came into our care along with another female pig and his offspring! He’s since been neutered and now is ready for his forever home! Please note that Boris has no political affiliations but if he did heโ€™d probably vote for the (Spring) Green Party ๐Ÿ˜‰

Boris is the best. He’s confident, friendly and very nosey! He’s currently living in a foster home whilst he was recovering from his neuter. He took it all in his stride! He’s now looking for an indoor forever home with some lady pigs for company. He loves his grub and dives into his twice daily pile of fresh hay and grass. He enjoys skipping around his pen and running in and out of arches and his hidey huts. When his foster mum is cleaning out her own piggies he likes to watch and grab a nose rub as she passes!

Boris would suit most homes and is fine to live with sensible children who will be supervised if handling him. Like most pigs he doesn’t like being picked up but he tolerates it and soon settles down and actually enjoys a good head rub. He currently lives in a C&C cage, min. size for 2 guinea pigs is 5x2 in C&C cubes or 5 x 2ft but bigger is better. We can provide advice on housing and having a fostering scheme for people wanting to introduce Boris to their existing ladies (including a step by step guide). We are happy for you to email pictures of your current set up so we can see if it would be suitable for him!

If you have an indoor home with some lady friends waiting for our Boris do get in touch! Please email or call 0161 737 6600.


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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