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Meet ‘EPB’ (eligible piggy bachelor) Branwell! He came into our care from a rescue of over 87 guinea pigs and 100 rabbits! He is roughly 6 months of age and was neutered on the 30 October. He’s a bit of a scaredy pig and desperately needs a lady pig or two to show him that the world isn’t that bad. He loves his grub particularly hay and he’s getting to grips with veggies (he wasn’t that sure at first!).  This favourites include pepper, cucumber and romaine lettuce (he is not a broccoli fan!). As he’s timid he would be best suited to a home with adults or older children.

Although Branwell isn’t sure about us humans yet he’s still shown himself to be a lively lad. He’s woken his foster mum up at 3am doing such loud laps of his pen that she had to get up and tell him to keep it down! He clearly loves his space and needs an indoor home min. 5ft x 2ft (min. for 2 pigs). He’s currently living in a C&C cage set up – you are read more information on accommodation for guinea pigs on our website:

If you have a lonely female pig or pair/group that could give Branwell the confidence he needs please get in touch! We also have a bonding scheme for anyone wanting to introduce him to existing female piggies. You can read about this here: Please note that Branwell can live side by side with female piggies but can’t be fully introduced until the 11 December (neutered boars can remain fertile for 6 weeks post op). However, this would give him plenty of time to get used to his new lady friends before proper introductions began. To meet our little shrinking violet please call 0161 737 6600 or email 

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