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About Button

Breed: Angora Age: 2 months (approx) Sex: Male 

Button is the loveliest little bunny boy you could possibly wish for. He is an angora lop who we estimate was born around 18th March and came from a somewhere that was breeding rabbits that were living in poor conditions. So named because he is cute as a button and because of his little white spot on the end of his nose.

From being wee Button has always been fascinated by and adoring of human attention. He just loves a fuss and will never refuse a cuddle. He’s just so sweet and a little bit soppy rolled into one. He is perfect in every way. He is so easy to handle and is so good at being groomed and will sit so patiently as you comb through his fur and move him around to get to the awkward bits. It is fair to say we are smitten.

Button is so confident and good natured that he will be great in a family home. With him being angora he will need to be housed indoors (unless you have a special outdoor set up for long-coated rabbits) and groomed daily. We appreciate that having an angora rabbit is a big commitment so we are keen to hear from anyone, even further afield, who is able to meet the needs of this breed. In return you will be rewarded with the best bunny in the world.

Button has had his first vaccination for myxo and RHD1. When old enough the branch will fund the RHD2 vaccination and cost of neutering (up to £100). If you can offer him a home then please get in touch.

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