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Buxton & Ludlow

About Buxton & Ludlow

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 1/2 year (approx) Sex: Male pair


The photos of Buxton and Ludlow (black one) really sum up their cheeky, adorable personalities. They came into our care after spending several weeks living ‘free range’ in suburban gardens. They clearly had a blast and did a good job of eating lots of luscious grass and plants! We thought they would be avoidant of human contact but instead they proved to love attention from the moment they landed!

Both bunnies are very lovely and friendly. Buxton comes over as soon as you enter their pen and enjoys hanging out with us and endless head strokes. He has this cute thing of nudging your hand if you stop stroking him before he has had enough! Ludlow is a bit more cheeky and will chew on your clothes if you aren’t paying attention! The boys love chewing on cardboard boxes and it keeps them entertained for hours. They love meeting new people, especially if they come bearing gifts or treats! They are used to having lots of freedom and always try to squeeze between our legs when we go in to clean them, so an outdoor home with loads of space is essential. They would love to free roam in a secure garden but your plants may not thank you!

The boys are neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and are looking for a home together where they binky and play to their heart’s content in a garden. If you have the perfect home for them please email

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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