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About Carlton

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Male
Carlton is a lovely young lad who is looking for a very special home where he can settle in at his own pace. He’s come on in leaps and bounds since arriving in our care in March, but he’s still has a way to go. Carlton is very much a “fixer upper” who would be a great project for someone wants to help a cat that will potentially be overlooked. In exchange you will be rewarded with a handsome young cat and a true sense of achievement.
Carlton is about 1 year old and is mostly white with a few black patches. He was born and raised in a busy home where there were a lot of other cats. The number of cats and children in the household meant Carlton got little attention and wasn’t handled regularly, and he is still quite hesitant around people. For his first weeks in our care we would only see Carlton cowering in the shadows of a box and he would give us a definite warning hiss if we approached him. We respected Carlton’s wishes to be left alone and over the course of a few weeks he’s really increased in confidence. He now loves to come out and play and is always at the front of his pen wanting to be noticed, but he is still quite shy when approached. He’s definitely not at the point where he will sit on your knee, but we are optimistic this is something he’ll earn to enjoy in the future. If you sit down near him he’ll rub around your legs and if you put your hand out motionless he’ll use that to give himself a head bump, but he will flinch and run away if you move your hand towards him too quickly.
We’re delighted with how brave our little soldier is being and the progress he’s made, but the real development we want to see is him in a home with a patient owner who will put in the work to play and interact with him at his pace. Patience really is the key with Carlton.
We imagine him in a quiet home with one or two adults who have experience with cats and are adept at reading body language. Once he’s well settled in we think he will enjoy the choice to go outdoors. Carlton has lived with other cats before so could potentially live with another playful cat-friendly feline.
And look at him – he’s gorgeous. (Carlton could also be rehomed with Ashley, they have come from the same home and get on.)


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