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About Cass

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 4 years (approx) Sex: Female

Cass is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat looking for a second chance at happiness after her former owner died. We were told that she is about 5 years of age. Now that we have got to know her a bit better, we think that she could be a little younger than this.

Cass is quick to jump on the lap of anyone willing to let her and really enjoys chin strokes and head rubs. Cass is very playful and especially loves chasing the ball toy in her cattery pen. She is a very interactive cat who is very grateful and excited whenever there is someone willing to play with her. Cass can give a little nibble if she feels like she hasn’t had enough play or fuss and for this reason needs a home where any children are of secondary school age or older. Cass needs an adopter who has time to give her some structured play every day, especially until she is ready to go outside and chase things like leaves and mice. In the meantime, toys that give a good distance between Cass and her humans, like fishing rod toys, would be ideal.

Cass spent many weeks receiving veterinary treatment when she first came into RSPCA care. She had persistent diarrhoea which has taken a lot of time and treatment to resolve. She is now on a prescription only diet, Hills i/d for digestive care, and this has sorted out her problems. We will supply some of this food to get you started but you will need to continue to feed Cass this food to keep her healthy and problem free as well as not be tempted to give her any extra food ‘treats’. 

Cass is looking for home where she will have access to a safe outdoor once she has settled in. She will also need to be the only cat in the home to ensure she gets the attention she needs as well as to manage her dietary needs.

Cass is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to meet potential adopters. If you would like to meet this lovely tortie girl, please call us on 0161 882 0680 option 4.


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