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About Cersei

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Female

Cersei came into our care a few weeks ago after being found stray by a member of the public. Unfortunately we were unable to reunite her with her owner so we will never know if she had escaped or had intentionally been abandoned. Some of you may have seen Cersei up for adoption previously, unfortunately we had to take her off adoption for 3 weeks after she sustained an injury to her lip and required surgical repair. She is now fully healed but has become most disgruntled with us all after all her man-handling for medication. Well, who can blame her! Cersei is very happy we aren’t ‘interfering’ any more and is getting back to living a happy, care-free bunny life again and is very much ready to find a forever home.

Cersei is approx one year old, she is beautiful, playful and very friendly. She is an inquisitive girl who is always keen to see what tasty veggies we have on offer for her. She loves lots of space to explore and potter around and is a really great hay eater. She’s currently going through a big moult so she isn’t looking at her best, but we promise you she is every bit as lovely! If you are looking for a companion for your neutered male she should bond well with a good natured neutered male. She can live outdoors or out (the latter with a companion). Cersei has been neutered, micorchipped and received both the combi and RHD2 vaccination. If you’d like to meet Cersei then please get in touch.


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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