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Netherland Dwarf Chaplin is around 5 months old. He came into our care mid July from a home overrun with 80+ rabbits. He had arbitrarily been paired with other young male rabbits, as he was the eldest puberty had well and truly struck and we quickly had to separate him from the group to prevent any fighting. Chaplin has subsequently been neutered and his hormones have really begun to settle down and he is proving to be a clean boy and is living in harmony alongside his neighbours. He is showing every signs of being keen to have a female companion and we are hoping you can offer him a forever home that he needs.

Inevitably, coming from a home with so many rabbits, not everyone will have been well socialised. Chaplin seems to be one who had less attention because he is wary of people and their motivations. We watch him pottering around his pen and he seems such a content little boy. We sit in with him but he just lacks braves, and perhaps any reason yet to trust people. We think a female companion could really help along with and an owner who will show him that us humans are okay and can be trusted. His ideal home would be outside with a neutered female companion in a quiet home. Chaplin has been neutered, microchipped and received both vaccinations. Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet him!

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