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About Chesterton

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 4 years (approx) Sex: Male


House cat

This gorgeous bear is Chesterton. He is been in our care for a couple of months recovering from his life on the streets. It is so upsetting to think he was unwanted and abandoned when you learn what an amazing lad he is. To have been deprived human company and home comforts is unthinkable once you get to know how loving he is.

Chesterton is approx 4 years old and was found limping. He had a cat bite abscess on his paw, middle ear infection was in need of dental work. It has taken a few weeks to get him back to full health but he has definitely been worth the wait! This is what his foster carer has to say about him:

“Chesterton is an affectionate, patient and peaceful little guy and the biggest softie we have ever had the pleasure of looking after. He just wants to cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. Whether he is on your knee of picked up he can’t get enough. He will wait patiently for you to start a head scratching session and will love every minute, sometimes wrapping his arms around you and giving you a nudge with his head. He likes to play with feathery toys and things he can chase, although not for too long because he puts all his energy into one great big pounce, then he wants a fuss as a reward. He’s lovely!’

Chesterton is FIV positive which means he needs to be the only cat in the home and kept indoors. You can read more about FIV at:

Chesterton enjoys company so he would appreciate people around a lot and not to be left for more than 7 to 8 hours a day. He will need a home that is spacious. He currently resides in a 3 bedroom house, which he is content at pottering around in.

He currently resides in a large house where he is very content pottering around the place. He is used to sharing the home with primary¬† school age children and a very calm old dog, he’s not best friends with the dog but they rub along just fine. His favourite spot is on the windowsill watching the world go by. If you can offer this incredible guy a forever home then please get in touch.


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