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Cleo was one of two kittens sadly abandoned in a carrier bag. They were suffering with cat flu when they were found and were desperately unwell. Tragically Cleo’s sibling did not make it. In total it has taken two months for Cleo to fully recover from her ill health and horrible ordeal. She is now a different girl and ready to find her forever home. This is what her foster carer has to say about her:


“Cleo is a petite kitten with the energy and personality of a lion. She’s very playful and loves a run around with her toys, as well as playing with laces and toes! She’s also got a very cuddly personality when she decides she wants a snooze. We noticed the grey markings on her back at about 4 months of age, which really make her stand out. She’s still very playful and likes a good nibble of the fingers and ankles so she wouldn’t be suitable for young children.”


Cleo looks like someone has run a white paint brush along her back! We have not seen markings like this before and they may well moult away in the future, but for now you can marvel at her amazing coat! Because Cleo has had cat flu she is likely to be a carrier for life and it may surface again in the future at times of stress. Anyone looking to adopt our little lady must be prepared for the possibility she may need supportive veterinary care if she has a flare up of flu symptoms. We also advise that she be kept as the only cat in the house so she does not risk passing it on to another cat. If you would like to offer a home to this inspirational young lady then we are looking for a home where she won’t be left for more than 7 to 8 hours a day whilst she is young, where she can have access to outdoors (away from busy roads) and where any children are 11+. Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet her!

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