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Our beautiful girl Delilah is a true rare find. She is loving, beautiful, playful and has bags of character approx 1 to 2 years old. She came into our care because her owner could not afford to care for her any more. On arrival Delilah had a urine infection but that soon cleared up with a course of antibiotics and has been in tip top health ever since.
Whilst in our cattery we learnt that Delilah really gets stressed in proximity to other cats and that she hated the swish of our disposable (but biodegradable) aprons. Her stress levels were so high that we couldn’t tell if she was a bit feral, so as soon as a suitable foster home became free we moved her out and then sat back and witnessed a dramatic transformation.
Over the last 3 weeks Delilah has just wowed us all. She is her foster carer’s shadow, following him everywhere he goes. She loves to snuggle up in bed with him and nestles in the crook of his arm or does ‘paddy paws’ (with out claws) on his chest before settling in for the night. She is a really smart cookie and has learnt to open many of the doors in the house. This, it appears, was originally motivated by the bathroom plug. Yes, that’s right, the bathroom plug. It turns out to be her favourite toy and she taught herself to open the bathroom door so she could play with it! She’s also quite the acrobat and can leap up on top of the kitchen cupboards and enjoys the sport of boinging on to the bed from the top of the wardrobe!
This young lady really needs to go out to play so we are looking for a home where she can go outdoors and run off some of her youthful energy. She’s best suited to a home with teens/adults because she is rather vocal, particularly around food, and will have a grumble at you if she thinks you are taking your time. This involves a growl and an occasional swipe but no claws are involved,  it really is a odd, but manageable, character trait. If you can give this unique girl a loving home, where you can leave doors open and embrace all her quirks then please get in touch. Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet her.

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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