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About Delphine

Breed: Lionhead Age: 3 years (approx) Sex: Female

Delphine was abandoned in a park in South Yorkshire. We estimate her to be around 3 years old and is a lionhead cross. Delphine is stunningly beautiful with a distinct personality. Since coming into our care at the beginning of August Delphine is a different bunny. Routine care and attention has helped see her blossom into a sweet lady with a lot more confidence than she had when she first arrived.

She is happiest when she can roam freely and be left to her own devices, unless there is food on offer! It seems to us that Delphine is a product of her upbringing. Most likely been confined to a hutch and  life before coming into our care and not had much positive human interaction. Delphine has been neutered and microchipped and received both the combi vaccination and RHD2 vaccination. She can live indoors in a quiet home or outdoors.

Delphine will now come running up to the bars of her pen to say hello. When you open up the door she stays put awaiting tasty treats. This may not sound a big deal but for Delphine this is tremendous. She will now let us pick her up without any fuss and tolerates her weekly health check. She now really needs a home where she can continue to develop her relationship with people and enjoy the company of a gentle, neutered male bunny.

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My Personality
I can be a house rabbit

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