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Five year old Doug has had quite an upheaval but he’s now in a happy place and looking for a fresh start in life. Doug has been a house rabbit all of his life but when his owner emigrated he ended up living in an outdoor set up. It upset Doug so much that he fell into depression, which resulted in gut stasis. We couldn’t risk a return to the environment he hated so much so he stayed in the comfort and warmth of the vets until a foster home became free. The instant he arrived in his foster home he settled in and the relief on him was palpable; it’s like he’s always been there.

Doug is an active bunny who loves exploring, playing in boxes, running through tunnels and jumping on and off platforms. He currenrly lives in a large pen but we can well imagine him enjoying free roaming (apparently he’s very helpful round the house).

Doug had previously been fed a bowl of dry food a day but we have weaned him off this entirely on to a natural diet.┬áHe loves hay so long as it’s one he approves of! He’s constantly munching on it and the vets assure us his teeth are in great condition. He’s a lot more fussy when it comes to greens and if it doesn’t meet his approval then he will begrudgingly munch on it at some point.

Doug seems at his happiest with plenty of space and warmth. He is forever flopping over or snoozing in a box. Whether he would accept a bunny companion is anyone’s guest but it would be lovely to find out, but not essential. Doug is neutered, microchipped and received both vaccinations.

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