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Dougal is an 8 month old kitten who has come into our care as a result of neglect. The case is ongoing so we cannot divulge much information but Dougal and his 4 feline companions we so underweight that RSPCA officers were surprised that some were even able to stand. In just 3 weeks of being with us Dougal gained 50% of his body weight. Now one month on and he is back to full health and has been released for rehoming and has now been neutered, microchipped and has started his course of vaccinations.

This group of cats are so remarkable because of how affectionate and friendly they have consistently been throughout their rescue and recuperation. It’s clear to us that out of all the cats Dougal has been affected emotionally by his ordeal and really needs someone who will love and nurture him. Dougal is very vocal if he wants attention or food, we think it is anxiety driven and he is quiet once he has been satiated. Once in a home, with regular human contact, we hope his meowing will lessen. It is also important to remember that Dougal is still a kitten even though he looks like lanky teenager, so his behaviour is not necessarily fixed and should settle in time.

Despite several weeks of consistent feeding the cats are still getting accustomed to regular feeding. Any potential adopter must be aware that they could also be potential food thieves, so restricting access to your dinner plate, bins and not leaving food out on the side may be necessary. This should wear off in time but we just want to make people aware of the possibility. Dougal will make an excellent addition to any family with children of secondary school age because is quite playful around feet. This behaviour will improve once he is going out to play and able to practice is pouncing skills outdoors. Dougal could be rehomed with one of his siblings (Dylan or Rosalie). If you would like to rescue this sweet boy then please call 0161 737 6600.

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