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About Dutch

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 3 years (approx) Sex: Male

Meet Dutch, a plucky young man who is looking for a loving new home. He is estimated to be around 3 years old and is a classic black and white tuxedo cat.

Although Dutch has been in our care since the end of January he has sadly spent many weeks at the vets after being found stray with a large cat bite wound to the side of his face. We see a lot of injuries like this – almost always in un-neutered males – but Dutch’s wound was quite exceptional. It must have been quite a fight. (Gruesome photos can be supplied on request!) He is now all healed up and the only signs of his injury are a shaved patch of hair and some yellowing fur around the area from where the wound was regularly bathed.

Dutch is a quiet boy with a sweet nature. It is easy to see how he was bested in a street fight as he is very gentle and not particularly strapping. He loves his creature comforts and can often be found snoozing away in an igloo bed all snuggled up in his blankets. After all he’s been through it’s understandable that he isn’t the most outgoing character, but he very happy to have company and enjoys a good head scratch and pops out to say hello when he has a visitor. Over time we’re sure we’ll see him become a proper lap cat.

Dutch would like a relaxed, quiet home without any other cats. He’d be a great choice for a first time cat owner or for someone who works and he’d probably be quite happy snoozing the day away on his own. He will need a safe outdoor space to play in once he’s settled into his new home.


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