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Dutch is estimated to be around 4 years old and is a classic black and white tuxedo cat. When he first came into our care he sadly spent many weeks at the vets after being found stray with an awful, large cat bite wound to the side of his face. We see a lot of injuries like this – almost always in un-neutered males – but Dutch’s wound was quite exceptional and he must have been badly assaulted. Dutch is in a foster home, where he is dearly loved and this is what his carer has to say about him:


“Dutch is a real softie with a very sweet nature. It is easy to see how he was defeated in a street fight as he is very gentle and not particularly strapping, so he must have been really picked on by the neighbourhood tom cat bully. While he can be quite scared of new people, when he’s warmed up he is a proper lap cat through and through. Each morning and afternoon when I have my coffee, Dutch will settle down on my lap for a fuss and then a snooze. He will often stay there for around an hour and is so content.


He is wary of people he doesn’t know at first but he has become friendly with regular visitors to my home.   Dutch is very vocal and we have lots of chats. At night he sleeps on my bed and has his own pillow! Dutch is the type of character who just makes your heart melt. To think what untold suffering he has gone through yet he remains such a gentle, sweet little boy. Because Dutch has been with me for so long he is now allowed to go outside. Each morning we venture out together and Dutch loves to explore although will come shooting back inside if he encounters another cat or is spooked by a loud noise.


Dutch likes to play, when he’s in the mood! He rarely plays by himself, instead preferring to let me throw soft balls and his favourite mouse for him to pounce on. When he’s not playing he can usually be found perching behind my head on the back of the sofa! He is almost always waiting for me by the door when I have been out and if I stop to speak to anyone in the corridor, he lets me know very loudly that he is waiting. I do hope he finds a super home but he is going to be such a miss. “


 Dutch has always been an incredibly loving and affectionate cat with all of our female staff and volunteers including in 2 foster homes he has lived in. We have tried to rehome him twice already but both times Dutch was unable to settle. What we have learned from these 2 previous attempts is that Dutch needs a very quiet home, preferably female only and where someone is around enough to really build up their relationship with him. We would also be looking for an adopter who is happy to take part in an extended introduction phase where they meet Dutch several times, swap items from the home so he becomes familiar with the new smells etc . We are also able to offer support on settling Dutch into his new home.  We don’t know what has occurred in his past life to make him so scared, but it is a genuine fear. He is now in a female only foster home loving life. Dutch would like a relaxed, quiet home without any other cats. He will need a safe outdoor space to play in once he’s settled into his new home but he may not venture too far. 


If you are willing to make it third time lucky for Dutch please call us on 0161 737 6600


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