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About Dylan

Breed: Domestic Semi long haired crossbreed Age: 9 months (approx) Sex: Male


Dylan is such a pin up! Look how gorgeous he is. Sadly he wasn’t in such the picture of health when he was rescued by RSPCA insectors two months ago. Dylan weighed half his body weight having been left in a property with no-one regularly going in to see to the 5 cats and dog that were barely existing. He was skin and bone when he was found and inspectors didn’t know how he was even still standing. It has taken a while to regain his weight but Dylan is now back to full health and has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Dylan is approximately 9 months old. He is an incredibly sociable boy who appreciates as much attention as he can get. He is also quite fond of a lap to sit on so he could be the perfect furry hot water bottle as the Winter nights draw in! Being young Dylan is also playful and active and the little scamp takes every opportunity to escape from his cattery pen, but who can blame after being in one for so long. He will definitely appreciate being able to play outside and have adventures, so you must live on a ground floor property in a quiet location.

Dylan can be quite chatty when he is feeling in need of attention so we are looking for a home where he won’t be left for long periods (approx 7 hours a day). Dylan has been through an awful lot in his short life but he is such a gentle and loving soul who will make an ideal addition to a family with children aged 5 and over. Because of his history we are looking to rehome Dylan as an only cat. He has been in a cattery pen too long now and is raring to get to his new life in his forever home, can you offer him the home he deserves?


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