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This strikingly handsome bunny is Elliot. He is an English Spot and we estimate him to be around 1 year old. He came into our care after a member of the public witnessed a car pull up at the side of the road and soon after drive away. Once the vehicle had gone there was Elliot, sitting there. Whether he had been thrown from the car or was already there but not previously seen, we can’t be certainĀ  but no one has come forward to claim him.


Elliot is a fantastic character and brings so much joy to our team. He is so friendly and always happy to see us. He loves to climb up you and on many occasions we catch him on volunteers backs and shoulders. He has a great appetite for adventure and is an adept explorer, but soon comes back for attention. He is an active young bunny who loves to binky, usually whilst in your presence to show off how clever he is. He is so much fun and so loving.


Elliot is a typical English Spot with flighty behaviour but he has an infectious confidence that wins you over in an instant. Elliot is going to need a home with lots of space. He would really enjoy being a house rabbit but his antics may not suit everyone, as he will likely jump on sofas, window sills etc. He can be rehomed to live outdoors with a neutered female but it would need to be a shed/garage type set up so you can sit in with him to give him the human contact he craves. Elliot is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you would like to give this superb personality a home then please call 0161 737 6600.

Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet him and check out our housing guide here:

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