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About Elkie

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Female

Elkie is a beautiful, young black rabbit with a history that is really quite a mystery. She was handed into a private boarding kennel having allegedly been found stray. Once in our care she began to nest so we quickly moved her into a foster home but nothing came of it and so she has since been neutered, which confirmed she was never pregnant. However, the benefit of Elkie having spent time in a foster home is that we have really got to know her. She is the most amazing character and this is what her foster carer has to say about her:

“Elkie is such a happy bunny. All she wants is a cardboard box to chew and space to run around and you will see spontaneous binkies morning and evening.

Elkie is incredibly active and needs plenty of stimulation with multiple opportunities to dig and chew. When she’s made a right old mess with shredding boxes and newspaper she really enjoys starting all over again when you replenish them. She does, however, get rather annoyed when you clear out all her hard work and will tell the brush off for sweeping it away!

Another one of Elkie’s endearing quirks is that she does not like anything placed against a wall in her pen and will rearrange her ‘furniture’ so it is just how she likes it. Everyone morning when she is cleaned and everything is replaced she then busies herself pushing everything away from the walls! It’s so peculiar but we think it’s so she can race behind them when she’s playing.

Elkie is an affectionate rabbit and enjoys a head stroke and will rest her chin on the floor for strokes for as long as you can last. Though by and large she is too busy playing so you have to cherish the moments when decides to stop and let you fuss her!

Elkie seemed unfamiliar with leafy greens at first but over time has come to love them but is more of a grazer than a scoffer. She’s a great hay eater too and prefers meadow hay to timothy hay.”

Elike is probably around 1 year old and will suit either an indoor or outdoor home providing you can meet her activity needs and live with the construction noise! Elkie can be paired with a neutered male rabbit of a similar disposition. She has been neutered and microchipped and received both the combi and RHD2 vaccinations.


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