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Erica was handed in to the RSPCA after allegedly being found stray. She is a larger than life character who needs an experienced bunny person to fully appreciate her ways!

Erica is a young rabbit who loves life. It has been an enormous pleasure getting to know her and her entertainment value is high. Erica is always on the go, always keen to go exploring and zips straight between our legs every time we open her pen door. In a home she will be poking her nose into everything, helping you unpack your shopping and giving you a firm nudge whenever you aren’t doing as you are told! Erica is more like a dog than a rabbit and has a firmly established personality.
Erica has a little heart shape on her shoulder which is cute. She is also really good at using her litter trays and is ever such a tidy bunny. What we have managed to establish during her stay is that she is not keen on sharing us humans with other bunnies. If we smell of other rabbits she takes umbridge and will sometimes nip if she feels betrayed. If we have not had contact with other rabbits then she is really well behaved. We are not ruling her out to live with a companion but it would have to be a very slow bond over several months. So ideally we are looking for a home where she can live as a house rabbit and roam free a lot of the time and is only penned overnight etc.
Erica is a one off and any seasoned rabbit owner will immediately appreciate just how special she is. Erica will fill your house and truly turn it into a home, but make no mistake, it will be her home! Erica is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Please get in touch if you’ve got an Erica shaped hole in your heart that needs filling. Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet her.

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