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Fajita is a delightful little lady who has had to sit it out on pregnancy watch in a foster home after coming from a distressing rescue of 50+ guinea pigs at Christmas time. We are restricted to what we can share publically, as a case is being pursued against her former owner. Needless to say Fajita is now in great health and looking to find her furever home with piggy pals. We estimate her to be around 9 months of age and this is what her dedicated foster carer has to say about her:

“Fajita is a lovely little pig. She’s not the most vocal of pigs and doesn’t ‘wheek’ very often, but she does ‘talk’ a lot, chunnering away happily to herself! She loves her food and has a cracking appetite and although she doesn’t squeal the house down she certainly makes her presence known and will clamber up the bars of her house or ping on the spot when she hears the rustle of a plastic bag!! She also regularly has a mad half hour and races around her house at quite a speed! She is very easy to handle and loves a cuddle. All in all she is a delightful little lady.”

Fajita is looking to be rehomed indoors with a neutered boar, girls or a combination. Minimum size housing for two pigs is 150cm x 60cm. Fajita is in a foster home in Stockport, please call the centre on 0161 737 6600 to arrange to meet her.



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