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About Fozzie

Breed: Lop Age: 10 months (approx) Sex: Male
If you are a fan of an under-dog then Fozzie is the boy for you. When he arrived in our care he was in such a sorry state. He’d lived with another unneutered male, was battered and covered in urine staining. Two months on and it’s hard to believe from these pictures that he looks any better, but he genuinely does! It’s going to take a while for his fur to regain it’s once pristine white colour, but he can do this in his forever home now, assuming someone can see past how his manky state! But we love Fozzie. He’s such a good natured, contented boy and is always so pleased to see us.
Fozzie was from a home overrun with rabbits, over 40 in total. Breeding had got out of control and although Fozzie is only around 10 months old now, we suspect he’s been responsible for a litter or two in his short life. He’s now neutered and over 6 weeks post op so can be introduced to a neutered female bunny. Fozzie is a funny, fluffy boy who will just make you smile and feel a little sorry for him all at the same time. He’s just fuzzy wuzzy bunny bear, hence his name, Fozzie.
Fozzie has been neutered, received both the combi and RHD2 vaccination and been microchipped. He can live indoors or out but best enjoyed where he can have plenty of company. Please call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet him!


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