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About Freya

Breed: Domestic  crossbreed Age: 7/8 months (approx) Sex: Female




Freya is a young cat around 7 to 8 months old who was found wandering the streets with an injured eye. Once in RSPCA care  it was found that the eye was badly damaged and had to be removed. The whole ordeal took its toll on Freya and she was quite overwhelmed by everything she went through, but as she started to recover from her surgery a happy little girl began to blossom.


Freya now purrs like a motorbike, weaves in out of her foster carer’s legs in a  figure of eight and adores head and chin rubs. When she is feeling particularly relaxed she flops on her side and invites you to stroke her chest. It really is quite a transformation. Now the stitches have been removed from her surgery site and the dreaded cone has been removed she is proving to be quite the playful adventurer.  Freya is now very active and playful, just a cat of her age should be, and is fascinated with toy mice. Although she hasn’t adjusted yet to the change in her depth perception, and can’t yet manage to jump on the bed, this should come in time.


Freya has a really good appetite, always uses her litter box (she has wood litter) and is a very entertaining house guest! Her foster carer sums up Freya as: ‘basically she wants to be near you, get stroked and to be fed’. Who could ask for anything more from a feline companion? If you would like to offer our little girl a forever she will need to live as a house cat, preferably in a house or a very large flat. For more information about meeting the needs of an indoor cat please visit: : look out for the pdf at the bottom of the page.


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