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Fuzz & Woody

Fuzz and Woody are a lovely pair of piggy boys that were born in our care. Their mother’s were part of a large intake of pigs from a property where mis-sexed piggies had led to lots of unwanted pregnancies, leaving the owners unable to cope.
The boys were born on New Year’s Eve, making them just over 5 weeks old. Although they are the same colour they have quite different coats. Fuzz is a texel, so he has fuzzy, wavy hair and Woody is a smooth coat with a little white dot on his nose!
They’re typical baby pigs that dart all over the place and get excited over the littlest things. New hay, a clean cage or fresh veggies are always greeted with several zoomies or popcorning (when guinea pigs are happy and excited they do little jumps known as popcorning!). Woody is a bit of an adventurer; he likes to climb and jump on his cage furniture and generally get up to mischief. Fuzz likes to be in charge and will often be first to the food pile! The boys make a great team and are becoming quite the snuggle monsters and will huddle up together in your arms and relax.
They are looking for an indoor home together. We recommend a C&C set up, you can buy these via various online sites, for more info see our housing guide.
Please note that the branch will pay for them to be neutered at around 5 months of age (either full costs at branch’s vet or up to £60 each at the adopter’s vets), we do this to make sure that if bereaved in future he can be easily bonded with a female piggy and not be left alone. We are taking enquiries now so you can come and meet them and they will be ready to leave their foster home once old enough on the 11th February. Please call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet them today!

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