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Genevieve is a British Giant weighing in at 5.2kgs who we believe is under one year old. She has a beautiful pale fawn fur that makes her look so elegant. Genevieve came into our care after being abandoned in a cardboard box along with a Continental Giant, or so we were told. The bunnies were monitored together for a few days and it soon became apparent they had not previously lived together and were unhappy to be in the same room as one another. Since separating them Genevieve has been much more relaxed and happy and is showing us what a wonderful bunny girl she is.

Genevieve is truly a gentle giant. She has a sweet personality that is really unassuming. She is wary of people’s intentions when approached but as soon as you offer her a stroke on her head she relaxes and settles in for some fuss. Each day she grows in confidence and it is an absolute pleasure to watch her change into a happy girl. Genevieve is a clean girl who is really good at using her litter tray. Contrary to what you might think she will not be hugely expensive to feed. She eats the equivalent of one packet of spring greens a day (70p) and we buy hay in bales (we do not feed our rabbits commercial dry food). What she will need is mega sized litter trays such as dog beds and big cardboard boxes to play with.

Ideally we are looking to rehome Genevieve to live as a house rabbit. However, we will consider an outdoor set up that has been specifically designed for giant rabbits. If she is to live outdoors then she will need to be paired with a neutered male, if she is be indoors this is not as essential. A restful, peaceful home is important for Genevieve to find her paws and blossom. Genevieve is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please get in touch on 0161 737 6600 if you would like to offer her a home.

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