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Ghost is a 6 week old baby boar who came into our care when he was just a few days old. There were so many guinea pigs living together that his mother could not be identified. He got the name Ghost because he was so small when he arrived that he could walk straight through the square gap of the the C&C enclosure we put him in! Sadly he had to be separated from the other young ones he was with because he had ringworm, something the specialist vet we use says is common in young guinea pigs. After 4 weeks of treatment Ghost has been given the all clear and his once patchy coat has all grown back and he is a picture of health.


Ghost is a happy little boy who spends much of his days singing away, running around his cage and playing in mounds of hay. He enjoys having a sit with you and a stroke but you have to catch him first! What would make his life complete would be an adult male piggy pal. He would be ideal for a lonely adult boar, as he is pre-pubescent and the perfect age for introducing. We offer full support and a step by step introduction guide for piggy bonding!  


Ghost is used to living indoors and needs a min 6 x 2ft cage (C&C housing is the cheapest and biggest, check out our website for more info). Once old enough the branch will arrange for him to be neutered and contribute up to £60 in order to ‘future proof’ him so he can live with females later down the line if desired. Ghost is a smashing little pig who will make you smile each day with funny antics and plucky character. If you have a lonely adult male pig please contact us to meet Ghost! Our number is 0161 737 6600 or email

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