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Grace’s story is terribly sad. She was found abandoned in a box on a park bench in Liverpool. Despite an appeal in the local press no one came forward with information. Even more curious was that Grace was microchipped but the registered owner said they had given her up 6 months previously. To just add further to this poor bunny’s experience she was considerably underweight when she was rescued and you could feel all her spine  and her underside was terribly urine stained. It looks like she had been neglected for quite some time.


Grace is approximately two years old and has been in our care for 6 weeks recovering from her ordeal. She is now is good health and blossomed in every way. Grace a sweet, unassuming character who likes to spend time with us on her level. Whenever volunteers sit in with her she soon comes over and settles for a fuss. She isn’t a bold character but she similarly isn’t timid. She just likes a quiet and respectful approach and to build rapport with you and in no time you find out just how loving she is.


Grace would make a great house rabbit for a quiet household of adults, but equally could live outside with a neutered companion where interaction with children could be on her terms. Everyone at the centre is really fond of Grace and she has wormed her way into our hearts and now we want to see her go on to live her best life. If you can offer Grace the home she longs for please get in touch by calling 0161 737 6600.

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