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Gulliver is a 9 week old baby mouse who has come into our care along with 4 other male mice. They were unexpected litter and none of them got along so all had to be housed separately.

Gulliver has been named because he likes to go on his travels! He doesn’t seem to have had as much handling as some of the other mice and he is super speedy when you handle him, hence his travelling name. Gulliver will need to be handled daily to get used to people, so someone with confidence and time to put into him would be ideal. Any potential adopter must be aware that mice are stinky, so you may want to keep him in a well ventilated room and be committed to daily spot cleaning and full clean out on a regular basis.

Gulliver and his friends are fed a complete mouse food and fresh veg daily. We do not charge an adoption fee for mice, but you must be able to provide a good sized cage with a wheel and other enrichment. If you would like to offer Gulliver, or one of his pals, a home then please email a picture of your cage to If you don’t have a cage yet we can make recommendations to you.





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