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Guppy & Jelly

About Guppy & Jelly

Breed: Smoothcoat Age: 5 weeks Sex: Male pair

Meet our gorgeous pair of piggy boys Jelly & Guppy! These lovely boys were born in our care after their mum was rescued from a home where breeding had got out of hand. They were born on the 3 December, making them 5 weeks old. They will be ready for adoption as a pair from the 14 January. The boys need an indoor home, ideally a C&C set up min 5x2 but ideally 6x2 ready for when they become adults.

What can we say about Jelly & Guppy – they are utterly perfect! Their foster mum is completely in love with them both but can’t wait for them to find a forever home where they will be the centre of someone’s world! Jelly (agouti and ginger) is the bigger and more confident of the two, whilst Guppy (lilac and ginger) is happy to follow his brother! Both love their food and have thrived on a diet of veggies and hay.

The boys love nothing more an exploring together and they have lots of hidey huts, beds and tunnels to play in and jump on. They tend to come to life in the evenings and can be heard charging around, popcorning, rumblestrutting and chasing each other in play. They sound like a herd of elephants and it’s amazing to watch! For this reason the boys need lots of space, indoor store bought cages are often too small so we’d recommend a C&C set up, you can buy these via various sites like this one online:

Both boys are very vocal, particularly if temporarily separated, they really are dedicated to each other. They are healthy, thriving little chaps and will make great companions to a lucky adopter. Please note that the branch will pay for the boys to be neutered at around 5 months of age (either full costs at branch’s vet or up to £60 each at the adopter’s vets), we do this to make sure that if they are bereaved in future they can be easily bonded with a female piggy and not be left alone. Jelly & Guppy are very lively and still rather small (it’s more like holding a big hamster when they are this age!). They can live with sensible children but must be the responsibility of an adult.

If you are looking for a lively, playful pair of cheeky chappies give us a call on 0161 882 0680 option 4.



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