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Hob Nob


Hob Nob is the most wonderful cat you could wish to meet. He was found in Bradford as a stray cat with a small cat bit abscess on his face. Thankfully that has all healed and he is now ready to find his forever home as an indoor, single cat.

What struck us the most about Hob Nod when we first met him was just how delighted he was to have human contact. He has been lapping up attention ever since so we reckon he must have been well loved and cared for and may be wandered a bit too far and lost his way home. He was an entire male on arrival and this happens all too often.

Now Hob Nob has settled in we have learnt he has three favourite things:

  1. food
  2. attention
  3. being groomed

You are going to have watch him around food, just to make sure you don’t over feed him. It’s evident he has been stray for a while and had to source food himself, so to make sure he doesn’t feast off everything in sight just make sure you get into a regular regime of feeding with him like we have so he doesn’t become a fatty. Attention wise, well he is just so loving and wants to hang out with you and receive a fuss. In no time he was giving head butts and being a willing recipient of kisses! When it comes to grooming he likes to sit down next to you and enjoy the pampering. His eyes slowly begin to close and he drifts off. He doesn’t like it if you stop and will look at you as if to say, come on! He is such a remarkably lovinga nd friendly cat who will suit most homes. If there are any children in the home secondary school age will be best so he can relax around the home.

Hob Nob is no more than 3 years old and is looking for an indoor home as an only cat because he is FIV positive. The status is widely misunderstood but it simply means he needs preventative health care such as regular vet checks, annual vaccinations and good quality food. For more information have a look at this link:

Hob Nob is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and looking for a property that is a good size so he can mooch about. For more information about meeting the needs of indoor cats download the pdf at the bottom of this link:


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