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Honey is a very special bunny who is missing her home comforts. Honey is approx 8 months old and has lived her life as a free range house rabbit. She is very much a care-free spirit and loves to keep active and interact with people. Honey came into our care after her owner fell ill and is now looking for a forever home.

It is clear that Honey has been a much loved companion animal. She is an incredibly sociable bun who climbs all over you and will sit for endless strokes. We think she is part parrot as she’s happy to climb up on to our shoulders too! Honey is super confident and energetic young rabbit who would love the attention a family could bring or someone who is at home a lot. Honey is always so pleased to see us and it isn’t just driven by her belly, she genuinely loves to be in your company. She will be sure to share your sofa with you and make herself very much at home. From our experience of caring for Honey we have found she is a jumper, so it  will be difficult to house Honey in a pen, unless it is very tall, as she can easily clear a metre from standing. She would probably best having her own room or being a free range house rabbit again. She lives harmoniously in proximity to other bunnies so we have every reason to believe she will pair up with a neutered male. We have a bonding scheme at the branch and have extra tall pens we can lend out for bonding if you live locally, see website for full details.

Honey has received both vaccinations and has been neutered and microchipped. She is waiting for you to meet her and will give you an exceptional welcome! To meet her please call 0161 737 6600.

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