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Tulip & Hyacinth

Tulip (white face) and Hyacinth are a lively pair of rattie girls who came into our care after their owner had a change in circumstances and was unable to feed or provide veterinary care for their animals. The girls had originally been ‘rescued’ so it’s sad they found themselves needing to be rescued again.

The girls are young and lively, and quite the entertainers! Hyacinth loves being out of the cage and is very friendly. She has amazing acrobatic skills and fearlessly leaps quite some distances, it’s quite a sight to see! Hyacinth is a sweetheart and so sociable that she will climb up your legs to get cuddles with you. Tulip is not quite as well mannered and although she loves to play out she’s obsessed with biting bums and toes and socks don’t offer any kind of deterrent!  Despite Tulip being a bit of a nuisance experienced rat owners should be able to manage her behaviour.

The girls, like many ratties, can be sneezey and they have been treated for upper respiratory infection. They are settled now but as this is a common condition, likely to recur, any potential adopter must be prepared to take this on. If you’d like to welcome this wonderful pair into your home they will need a cage with a minimum size of  70cm x 48cm x 78cm.

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