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About Iggy

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 6 years (approx) Sex: Male
Iggy was so underweight when he was rescued that his body had started to metabolise itself in a bid to keep him alive. He had gone without food and veterinary care for a very long time, he had rotting teeth, ear mites and was reported to have had cat flu, left untreated, for two years. Iggy’s enthusiasm for life is undoubtedly what had kept him going and once in our care he gradually regained weight and recovered from the flu. He was an instant hit with everyone and one particular member of staff was desperate to take him home and foster him back to full health, here she tells us all about this special little man, Iggy:
“Iggy is about 6 years old and is a little bundle of joy. He acts very much like a kitten does and is into everything. He is very inquisitive will be in your kitchen cupboards or your drawers if given the chance. He loves plastic bags or cardboard boxes and will pounce on them or climb into them for a snooze. He loves to play and chase anything that moves or bat a ball around the house. He also loves to jump on your lap for cuddles and curl up on you knee and have a snooze. Iggy does love company and will want to be wherever you are. He follows you around the house and can get under you feet sometimes, especially when he is due to be fed. I think Iggy would like a home where someone is a home quite a lot and spend time with him.If he is left for a few hours you can guarantee will be waiting by the door for you. Iggy is a very confident boy to the point where you can hoover all around him and he won’t move at all!”
Due to having cat flu for so long Iggy sometimes can sound a little snuffly and make snoring sounds when he sleeps. This does not effect him in any way or require any treatment. He will have to be the only cat in the home due being a flu carrier and any potential adopter must be aware that symptoms of cat flu can flare up from time to time and must be prepared to seek veterinary attention for him. Iggy has almost doubled in weight since being in our care and having regular meals. He has also had 6 teeth removed and is now in tip top condition. To say Iggy was neglected is an understatement, but thankfully our little pocket rocket is a back to full health and ready to start a new life. He is currently in a foster home with young children and will be fine to be rehomed with children of all ages.
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