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About Isabelle

Breed: Ragdoll Age: 5 years (approx) Sex: Female

Isabelle came into RSPCA care after her owner became ill and was unable to look after her. Isabelle had been used for breeding and had developed a number of health complaints that had gone untreated. These included being underweight, flea infested, severe ear mites, upper respiratory infection, needing a scale and polish on her teeth and 4 extractions. Eight weeks later, and after all this treatment, she is ready to find a new home.

However, she will need her ears cleaning on a regular basis and any potential owner must be willing to seek medical treatment with any flair ups of flu in the future. For now, you just get the odd sneeze. Whilst we appreciate, we are asking a lot from a home for a 5 year old cat in need of extra tlc and regular grooming, you will be rewarded with a loving little lady who will spend hours head bumping you, enjoying a chin scratch and sitting on your lap for a cosy cuddle. Isabelle is a little shy at first, but is a very sweet and loving cat. Her interests include chasing invisible critters around the house, being fussed over, and tickling your face with her whiskers while you’re trying to sleep. She makes a very good companion and housemate!

Isabelle is 5 years old and a ragdoll. She will need a quiet, adult-only home as a single indoor cat due to her being a flu carrier. We are looking for a committed adopter who will attend to Isabelle’s needs and not just take her on because she is pretty. She will incur vet costs that won’t be covered by pet insurance and she will need a good-sized home to live in. If you can give her the time, commitment and attention she needs then please get in touch. Isabelle has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you would like to adopt Isabelle contact us today! 

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