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We are looking for a very special person to take a chance on our Johnson who is a handsome, older gentleman looking for a calm forever home to see out the latter half of his days.

Johnson is around 10 years of age and was found in a terrible condition having been living outdoors for what we think was quite a few years. His eyes were affected by untreated respiratory infections and most of his teeth were broken, probably from scavenging food. 6 months later with veterinary care and lots of tlc from our staff and volunteers Johnson is in excellent physical health. He has gained weight and is in great condition.

Whilst Johnson has come on leaps and bounds physically, he is still a work in progress in terms of trusting humans. He moved to a foster home 4 months ago and has made massive leaps in confidence. He has formed a strong bond with his foster carer and looks forward eagerly to his evening play sessions with his fishing rod toy and play tunnel!  He loves Dreamies and manages to eat them despite having few teeth left. He also enjoys tuna if it’s on offer. However, when approached with direct human contact Johnson becomes anxious and will usually seek cover in his hidey box. His foster carer says that he is a lovely chap who is absolutely no trouble to have around. He uses his litter and scratching post and is very well behaved. He has obviously lived in a home environment at some stage, but it may have been many years ago. 

Johnson may never relax enough to accept human affection and we cannot guarantee that he will ever be the kind of cat that sits on a lap or even on the sofa. However, we think he deserves a chance to live out his years in a loving home after the traumas of his previous life.  Johnson is a firm favourite with our staff and volunteers, and we all have our fingers crossed that someone out there will be prepared to give him a much-deserved break. Despite being wary of human touch, Johnson has so much to offer, not least with his endearing chubby cheeks. Who could resist?!

Johnson is terrified of outdoor noises and may never want to venture outside again.  Because of this he needs to find a home where he has his own dedicated space where he can relax and retreat to when things get a little overwhelming. At the moment he is ‘lodging’ in his foster care’s spare room! We would prefer him to be the only cat in the home and his adopter will ideally be experienced with cats and accepting that Johnson may never enjoy human touch. Johnson is a very nervous cat, so we are looking for a quiet, adult only home.

Johnson has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you would like to meet him, please call us on 0161 737 6600

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